OUR CEO – rrgnetworks

Heber Rodriguez, CEO

Barry University
Attending: University Of Miami

Network Professional, Certificate ID: CJQDN
Security Professional, Certificate ID: CL15
Linux Professional, Certificate ID: CS3B

Heber Rodriguez has been involved in the technology realm for the last 15 years. His extensive experience includes Microsoft Enterprise solutions, Apple (Mac) Enterprise solutions and Linux Apache Mysql Php (LAMP) solutions. Mr. Rodriguez holds a Bachelor’s degree from Barry University as a System Engineer, and is currently seeking a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Miami, specializing in Network Security. He holds certifications such as Linux Professional, Network Professional, Security Professional, and is currently seeking the Red Hat System Administrator (RHSA) Certification.

Recent Accomplishments:

Managing Mac OS X and IOS devices as well as managing more than 2,000 Macs and mobile devices at Miami Dade College. Miami Dade College is one of the largest colleges in the United States catering to over 165,000 students. There was a great need for a centralized management system, thus OS X Server came into play. OS X Server provided a centralized management solution for all Apple products, resulting in decreased downtime and increased productivity.


He believes that IT competency is essential, but by far a positive attitude is a paramount attribute that supersedes any competency.