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Backups for Businesses

72% of businesses that suffer major data loss have their data disappear within 24 months. U.S. businesses lose over $12 billion per year because of data loss. 100% of all hard disks will die having a 3 – 5 year average life span. Overall average hard drive failure rate as high as 13%.
  • Easy – nothing to do or learn, we setup, program and monitor for you.
  • Automatic – once setup is done your backups are protected with offsite copies daily.
  • Secure – AES 128 – 256 encrypted SSL transfer.
  • Redundant protection – copied to cloud data centers to avoid disasters.
  • Reports – electronically mailed daily to confirm successful backups.
  • Comprehensive – capable of restoring any system from crash, not just business data recovery.
  • Any System – for desktops, Laptops, Workstations and Servers.

Computer & External Storage Backup

Automatically and continuously protects business files and data in the cloud.This service either allows backups done to local storage or cloud storage.We use Microsoft Azure as our backup platform.

Physical & External Server Backup

Software-based solution with hybrid backup and optional bare metal restore (BMR) for rapid recovery from data loss and significantly reduced downtime. Protect any type of file on an unlimited number of servers (physical & virtual), NAS, SAN and EHD. We provide a 256-bit private key encryption option, with a minimum 128-bit encryption by default
Oops! Have you deleted a file by accident? No worries. With Microsoft Azure, we are able backup your files tailored to how you want, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly! Endpoint data protection is an essential and fundamental cyber security investment in an era of the inevitable breach. By centralizing all end-user data on a single platform, enterprises get full visibility and control, and the ability to detect, respond and remediate following data incidents. When disaster strikes your business the main concern is how quickly you can get your crucial business functions up and running. The speed at which this happens will depend largely on your current backup strategy. An improperly designed strategy can result in days, months, or years of downtime, and in some situations, even permanent data loss. A correctly designed strategy can have you up and running again in minutes, even in the most catastrophic situation. One of the biggest issues is even if you have a correctly engineered solution, unless the backups are stored offsite, a disaster such as a fire or flood can both destroy your data and your backup. RRG networks provides a completely managed solution where your data is backed up to secure remote locations.

How it works

An agent, in this case an open source, is running on each of your servers. It is communicating over the internet with our backup servers on our cloud solution. The agent is responsible for duplication of all your important data, ensuring its risk of loss is prevented.

Accidents Happen!!

The accidental deletion of a file can be resolved with the file restored to its last state or any other prior state within minutes. Just select the file and click “Restore” from any of the listed times and dates last modified.

Backup Services Features

Regular backups are often the only thing that can save your bacon when a hard drive failure or otherwise catastrophic PC meltdown occurs. If your files go poof, they’re gone forever unless you’ve safely stashed copies elsewhere.

Monitoring Backups

Managed Backup Setup and Monitoring Offsite Backups are a managed product. We actively monitor the backups daily to ensure they are running and we resolve any issues detected. This is critical as most Offsite Backup services are not professionally monitored.