Cloud VOIP

For the time being, working from home is the new standard, and you’re surely looking for ways to keep your team connected and productive. We can help! We’ve partnered with RingCentral and Vonage to offer their industry-leading cloud-based communications service, enabling your employees to video chat, call, message, screen share and send files, all from one platform, no matter where they sit.

Cloud communications solution gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. It makes remote work effortless by combining multiple tools (messaging, calling, meetings, contact center) in one place and integrates with the critical business apps you use every day. Because RingCentral or Voage solutions are in the cloud, results are faster, better, and less expensive than traditional tools.

During this difficult time, it’s crucial for your organization to connect and get your important work done easily and securely, from anywhere. Video meeting are in HD quality audio and video conferencing. You could also do screen sharing and Messaging using Team that’s perfect for collaboration with file sharing. Use Cloud VOIP services to enable your employees to excel when working from home. Share large files that are not allowed in your inbox. Quick contact with co-workers through the VOIP app. 

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